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Yin-Ayurveda for Self Care with Kristen Schneider

Kristen Schneider is an Ayurvedic practitioner and yoga teacher. She has studied in China, India and the US. She owns Ayurveda Orlando, a holistic clinic in Maitland and created Wellblends, an organic line of ayurvedic products for self care. This experience will be one of relaxation, self-discovery and nourishment. Enjoy a soothing yin yoga practice, which incorporates a variety of deep seated stretches coupled with breath and guided meditations followed by an hour of ayurvedic education focusing on daily routines and self care practices to help you reduce stress, boost energy and feel completely nourished on a daily basis. Kristen will serve golden milk and digestive tea. We'll have ample time for questions and dialogue to follow. Please join us for an afternoon of yoga and Ayurveda as lifestyle medicine. Be prepared to float away blissfully. To learn more about Kristen and Ayurveda please visit You can sign up for free ayurvedic education including a Dosha quiz at Prior knowledge is not necessary. Everyone is welcome!