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Is Modern Yoga all that Yoga is about?

Naveen Sastry will enlighten us with  his cultural and historic teachings of Yoga. This class will include a brief history on what is    "Traditional Yoga with Pancha Kosa (the five sheaths of the self, The Vedic Human Model),  Patanjali Ashtanga (The Eight Stages of Spiritual Enlightenment, a system developed by Sage Patanjali).

Pranayama Part 1 - Brief  history of Pranyama (regulation of vital energy and breath), Pranayama Preparatory Practices and  Basics,  followed by relaxation session based upon ancient teachings (Mandukya Upanishad).

Please join us for this first part of an ongoing new series. All are welcome with or without prior knowledge.

Price: Early Bird $30 ($40 after March 15)      Duration 3 hours approximately

PRANAYAMA PART 2 -  Intermediate and Semi Advanced, with Sectional Breathing Techniques. (Pre-requisite, Pranayama 1)  Coming soon .

PRANAYAMA PART 3 - Intermediate, Semi Advanced, and How to customize a Pranayama Practice, along with Nada Anusandhana (Sound Resonance) Relaxation.(Pre-requisite Pranayama 2) Coming Soon.

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Prema Hara Kirtan
Later Event: April 5
Trataka Meditation