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Your Body Your Yoga with Joanna Vass

The idea behind this workshop is about how to make yoga work for your body instead of making your body work for yoga. There are many beautiful asanas, or poses, in yoga, but often we struggle to really maintain and build on the simplest postures in our practice. Why? Your pose looks just like everyone else's. What are you missing? More often than not, the missing key is what we don't see when we look at a posture: the muscles, ligaments, tendons and connective tissue underneath. These are the real building blocks of any yoga practice because they make the poses possible. Your downward dog may look wonderful, but if your are not accessing the right muscles for support, it will make it difficult to hold or cause to lack the strength you need to transition from one posture to the next.

We will start with a light 30 minute class to warm up and center our thoughts. This will be followed by a crash course in body mechanics and yoga lingo to establish the meaning of frequently used terms to describe posture, alignment and the driving forces behind them. Then, we will start to break down 7 foundational poses in detail, learning about the muscles we activate to perform them, the joints involved in the posture and the sensations that we experience in different parts of the body. There will be time after each discussion to perform the postures using your new found knowledge.

The goal of this workshop is that you leave feeling truly aware of your body in your yoga practice and capable of doing postures at the optimal range for you and your body.

Cost of class $35

Earlier Event: September 5
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Later Event: October 4