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Journey Into Restorative with Casey Cote

This gentle practice explores deep relaxation, promotes stillness, and self awareness. Postures are supported by a number of props, typically bolsters, blankets, and blocks which encourage the body to open at a slower pace with a deep sense of comfort. Poses are held between five and 30 minutes to deeply relax the central nervous system. This workshop will cover the basic principles and practices of restorative yoga, the effects on the body and mind, how to utilize the props to enhance your practice, and how to cultivate your own practice at home. Please wear warmer clothing, pants, socks, and long sleeves in order to keep the body comfortable and relaxed throughout the practice.


You will need 4 blankets, 1 large rectangular bolster, and two small cylindrical bolsters. (Blocks, blankets and pillows from home can also be used to improvise) We will have props available for those who do not have their own on a first come first serve basis. We will gladly order props for you, as long as they are ordered at least one week before the workshop to have them available the day of the workshop. If you would like to order props through the studio, please contact 407-777-3713 or email

Price is $25

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