Rey Perez

Rey has  been practicing yoga for over 12 years.  He finds that aside from its obvious physical benefits, yoga and its philosophies have enhanced his view and experience of life.  It has opened him up to exploring  areas deep within himself, allowing him to gradually grow more into his authentic self. He received his 200 CYT in 2012 and is a certified Yin Yoga Teacher, and also received his 500 hour Therapy certification. In addition to his certifications Rey has studied with Baron Baptiste (level 1), Doug Keller (Yoga as Therapy), Jason Crandell, Roger Cole (Anatomy and Physiology), Joe Barnett (Yin Yoga), Harshada Wagner (Meditation), Bryan Kest (Power Yoga) and Aerial Yoga with Kerry Tice. Rey continues to enhance his knowledge by continuing education at Yoga University of Florida. He is also a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapist (IAYT).


Ella Duke

Ella has been practicing yoga for 10 years, she is a certified yoga instructor at the 200 hour level .In addition to her 200 RYT designation, she holds additional certifications in the following

  • Currently enrolled in an 850 hour Yoga Therapy Certification: Yoga University
  • Children’s Yoga Therapy:  Sonia Sumar
  • Aerial Yoga: Kerry Tice 
  • Certified Children’s Yoga Instructor: Kidding Around Yoga
  • Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher: Yo Mama Prenatal
  • Certified Yin Yoga: Joe Barnette
  • Yoga as Therapy: Doug Keller


In 2012 Ella opened Oasis Yoga Therapy, Orlando’s first Yoga Therapy Studio dedicated to bringing yoga to children and adults with special needs. Since that, Ella has had incredible success in working with children and adults with ADHD, Autism, CP, Down Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy, Stroke Survivors and many athletes. 

Ella believes that by letting go of our negativity and learning to see the best in ourselves and others, we can provide a powerful platform for change. It is through this ability to go beyond external appearances and labels that we can better the lives of our loved ones and our own. 

Ella is also on staff as Yoga Therapist at Blue Horizon Eating Disorder clinic.

Her group therapy classes have made a huge difference in the healing process for all the participating patients at the clinic. 


Bob Brant

Growing up as a trumpet player Bob, developed an affinity for the breathe where Yoga and meditation stem from. His path began in Bikram Yoga over 20 years ago. When Bob found Bryan Kest's Power Yoga Videos he was hooked!  A graduate of the Yoga University of Florida Bob holds his 500 hour RYT certification. In addition to his certifications Bob has had the opportunity to be taught by  great instructors such as: Bryan Kest "Power" Yoga, Jason Crandell (Alignment Yoga), Tiffany Cruikshank (Yoga Medicine), Briohny Smyth and Dice Iida Klein (Acro Yoga), Roger Cole (Anatomy and Physiology), Joe Barnett (Yin), Doug Keller (Yoga as Therapy), Nischala Joy Devi (Heart and Cancer Certification), David Regelin (Art of Adjustments), Harshada Wagner (Meditation) and Mylinda Morales (Iyengar Alignment). Bob is also certified in many other modalities including Yoga Therapy,  Yin  and is on his way to completing his 850 hour Yoga Therapy training. 


Rachel Israel

Rachel was introduced to yoga as physical therapy while recovering from a lower back injury. What began as a physical practice cultivating strength and flexibility grew into a journey of self-awareness and spiritual growth. Rachel enjoys the study and practice of eastern philosophy, meditation and healing, finding a way to bring ancient wisdom into a modern world. She has always had a strong interest in anatomy, medicine and exercise. In August 2015, Rachel graduated from UCF with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. That same month she completed her 200 hour vinyasa yoga teacher training at Inspirit Yoga Studio. Rachel currently studies oriental medicine and acupuncture at the Florida College of Integrative Medicine to become a licensed acupuncture physician. 


Joanna Vass

As an anxious child, nature became refuge because it always had a way of calming Joanna down. At the age of 18, Joanna discovered yoga and meditation, and found a way to reconnect with a deep sense of inner peace. She found herself calm even in the midst of a crowded room. Yoga was not only transformative for her mind, but for her body too. Coupled with meditation, she found a greater sense of self love. This is the message she tries to bring to her meditation and yoga classes.

Just recently in August of 2013, Joanna graduated from Yoga Teacher Training of Central Florida with a certification in Hatha Yoga Level I, including asana, pranayama and meditation. Studying under wonderful teachers such as Shea Knight, Joni Giconi, Allison Andersen, Viviana Collazo and Swami Divyananda, she learned how to guide students to connect with their breath through the asanas so that they may cultivate awareness of their natural state of inner peace.

In addition to teaching yoga, Joanna is a Licensed Massage Therapist MA#77438 graduating from Central Florida School of Massage Therapy in August of 2014. She uses her knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology to give alignment specific vocal cues, and to teach each class with equal parts body and heart.


Lauren Hallal

Lauren is a graduate of Naropa University, founded by meditation master Chögyam Trungpa. Witnessing how contemplative practices have positively transformed her life, Lauren's passion now lies in extending her knowledge of mindfulness towards public education and community development. She is currently working to demonstrate the influence academic pedagogy holds over the emotional development of students. An education centered around the whole person is her highest priority. She is skilled in the application of loving kindness meditation as well as an adaptation of Maitri; using her education to help others discover and embrace the unique energetic balance that makes us individuals. 


Nancy Sinton

 E-RYT, BS, MBA is a yoga therapist, yoga educator and yoga teacher.  She inspires people to discover their intrinsic ability to balance mind and body.   Want to know the secret?  Find out by experiencing her heart-centered teaching in the Yoga Therapy for the Mind 8 Week Course or other various workshops and courses.  She is also available for private yoga therapy sessions.  Additionally, Nancy teaches gentle yoga as part of the UF Health Cancer Support Group and is a member of the Yoga Alliance and International Association of Yoga Therapy.

Nancy is founder of Breathlink Yoga Therapy.  She has 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Training through Yogamatrix Studio in Orlando, Florida and has a 500 hour Yoga Therapy Certification with the Minded Institute in London, UK.   Nancy specializes in guiding people with stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and cancer recovery to balance and regulate their mental, physical and emotional health.  Nancy has lectured and taught yoga in the Yogamatrix Yoga Teacher Training Program and in the Minded Institute Yoga Therapy Training in London as well as Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.  

Her blended background of engineering, martial arts, and yoga has led Nancy to continuously explore the connection of the science and philosophy of yoga.  She is fascinated with understanding the body and the mind, how they operate in a healthy state, what happens when something is out of balance and how to bring it back into balance using the techniques of yoga and mindfulness.  Research is proving what the ancient yogi's have known for thousands of years - yoga is a powerful healing tool.

When not teaching or practicing yoga Nancy enjoys spending time with her family, long walks in nature, bike riding, golfing, and photography.

"I radiate health, happiness, prosperity and peace of mind, every experience I have benefits me, I am in the process of positive change" ~ Louise Hay

Consider experiencing Nancy's teaching as part of your process of positive change!


Lindsey Hewitt

Lindsey fell in love with both yoga and the aerial arts (silks and lyra/hoop) in 2011. Prior to that, she had given the 'normal gym routine' a try, but treadmills and weight machines lacked the creativity and stimulation necessary to keep her interest. She first really fell in love with yoga during her college study abroad year in Scotland in 2011. Yoga was so unexpectedly perfect for balancing the physical needs of her body and the stress of academia that she continued on with it until her journey led her to begin a 200-hour instructor certification through YogaFit in 2013.

Also in 2011, Lindsey discovered the aerial arts, which have since become a profound passion for her, both to do and to teach. Silks and lyra have given Lindsey so much strength, confidence, physical and mental stimulation, and joy. To her, they are the best workout because they don't feel like a chore (and she gets to work off all the cupcakes she eats)! Lindsey was a dancer as a teen, and she truly feels like lyra and silks allow her to dance in the air. She has been teaching the aerial arts since 2013 and received an instructor certification through SpinCity in 2015


Jennifer Lawrence

My very first exposure to yoga was as a child, I tagged along with my mom to Yoga classes at the Y. The classes had a positive & calming effect on her somewhat wild child.
Years later when an injury at the gym sent me to yoga for relief from pain, I found I could also stay very fit, but what kept me coming back was mental clarity, emotional, and spiritual connection, true self acceptance & self love. 
 I want to share yoga and help others find what yoga can do for them.
 I am a graduate with  200 hours of teacher training with Lee Clise and Shannon Kidwell of Coreworks Institute.
I teach Vinyasa, with a focus on moving with safe body mechanics. My classes are "soft but strong", friendly to beginners, yet challenging for all levels.


Belinda Moore

Belinda has been passionately teaching yoga for the past 13 years and practicing for over 19 years and is 200 RYT certified. Hailing from New Zealand, she moved to Orlando in January 2016 after falling in love with an American and choosing to follow her heart halfway round the world!
Belinda started practicing yoga after 11 years of elite-level rhythmic gymnastics. Yoga helped her recover from the burnout of gymnastics and opened a doorway to a practice of movement and being which nurtured body, heart and soul. For the next 19 years, yoga also served to compliment a demanding career as a professional dancer and performer.
Throughout this time, Belinda’s passion for teaching yoga grew. She found a way to combine her experience and knowledge from dance and gymnastics with a love of communicating the subtleties of the human form. Belinda teaches her students that yoga is so much more than simply ‘achieving poses’.
Belinda’s teaching emphasizes the growth of personal awareness through sound physical technique, structural movement integrity and the integration of breath and form. Her classes are progressive in nature, offering plenty of options, so they’re accessible to everyone no matter your level. Belinda also likes to have fun and share a joke or two in class, so be prepared for some dry New Zealand humour!



Aaron Benningfield

Aaron's journey with yoga started in high school and continued off and on for several years. After a ten year break, he found his way back to a daily practice for recovery while training for an ultra marathon. Eventually his home practice progressed into a studio practice and ultimately teacher training.

Aaron completed his 300 hour yoga and fitness instructor training with Warrior One Power Yoga in Orlando, FL and his aerial teacher training with Elevate Yoga Center in Orlando, FL as well. He holds a group exercise instructor and personal trainer certification and puts them to use helping veterans and athletes find ease in their daily lives.

His personal fitness philosophy is based around "15 year impact." If fifteen years from now an activity has not helped to maintain or improve his health, he avoids it. He tries to infuse a sense of fun and playfulness into each and every class he teaches; encouraging the advanced yoga posture of turning up the edges of one's mouth as often as possible. 


Niki Kincade

The magic of yoga was introduced to me on a whim, when invited to attend a class with my sister in 2009. It was within that 60 minutes, where an internal flame would be forever ignited. After committing to a frequent practice, I began to feel an instant connection to myself. My breath. My mind. My physical body. I began to recognize my true soul. It quickly became clear that I needed yoga on a regular basis to cope with the stresses of daily life and to aid in healing chronic neck and shoulder pain. It wasn't long before I knew I had stumbled upon a solid passion. 

In 2012, I enrolled a 200 hour Yoga Instructor Training, with the intention of personal growth. After years of being on the mat as a student, I took a blind leap of faith in October 2015 and made a career change to pursue my passion in teaching yoga.

I believe everyone can benefit from yoga and I feel truly blessed to share this gift with others.


·        200 hour Yoga Instructor Training

·        23 hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training from Kidding Around Yoga

·        40 hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training


Kim Clemente

Kim is an environmental consultant, photographer, and yogini. She first discovered yoga in college many years ago when a friend asked her to accompany him to a class, because he heard it could help relieve stress. Her friend made it through just one class before giving up, but Kim stuck with it for a few years after realizing that syncing physical movement with breath cleared her mind enough to allow her to successfully focus on her studies. Kim rediscovered yoga in 2013 after many years, and has been hooked ever since.

Based on the encouragement of all of her yoga teachers, fellow classmates, and friends and family members, Kim finally signed up for a yoga teacher training program. She trusts that everyone sees something in her that she didn’t know was there, and is grateful to have found so many wonderful, kind, positive people to share her love of yoga with. She is learning to overcome fear, try new things, and believe that all things are possible. You can follow her yoga journey on Instagram @clementekim. 


Jessica Derringer

"Since she was 3 years old, Jessica has trained in all levels of ballet, jazz, lyrical, and modern. In the summer of 2011, she decided to try an aerial silks class with her sister and was immediately hooked. Unlike anything else she had ever tried, aerial arts was the perfect twist of dancing in the air. Even through all the blisters and burns of training, Jessica believes that aerial arts has given her so much strength and boldness. After years of training and performing, in 2014, Jessica was given the opportunity to begin teaching aerial silks and lyra at Art From the Heart Performing Arts Studio. This opportunity sparked her passion for teaching. Jessica loves to share the joy she’s found in this skill with students. She believes that aerial silks truly is an empowering workout that anyone can have fun with. She has also completed the Elevate 65-hour certification for Aerial Yoga Teacher Training."


Hannah Spector

At the age of 12, Hannah's mother graciously brought her along to a weekly ashtanga yoga class. From such a vigorous start, Hannah has slowed down a bit to enjoy the subtler aspects of the practice. As her journey progressed and deep questions arose, Hannah began to rely more and more on the teachings of yoga as opposed to strictly the asanas. Meditation has become a constant tool for Hannah's dealing with deeper questions of self, acting from places of pure intention, and quelling anxiety. Hannah received her 200 hour certification from The School of Yoga Institute at The Mystical Yoga Farm in Guatemala. 

 Hannah is a local poet and artist who loves to weave poetry through all of her teachings. Love is life and life is art. 

 "Go into yourself and see how deep the place is from which your life flows." -Rainer Maria Rilke


Christy Noone

Born in Minnesota, Christy began her career in Central Florida as a dance teacher and professional dancer performing for theme parks, production companies, and traveling the world as a dancer aboard NCL cruise ships. After graduating from UCF with a degree in Arts

Education, she spent ten years teaching Visual Arts and Performing Arts for OCPS. For the last five years she’s been teaching dance, barre, and various fitness classes throughout Orlando.

After taking a few years off to stay home with her baby girls, Christy found a new love in aerial yoga. She saw the perfect opportunity to bring this knowledge to barre fitness by incorporating a hammock to stabilize the body while offering the benefits of antigravity. Christy is thrilled to join the Elevate Yoga family in bringing barre fitness to innovative new heights.


Jeremy Hudak

As a lifelong student of yogic and martial arts, Jeremy has committed his experience to teaching, healing, and empowering his students through movement and self-awareness. Born and raised in upstate New York where he eventually received his Bachelor’s degree in English Literature, Jeremy has recently moved to Orlando to further his education and eventually become a physical therapist as well as an advocate for physical fitness. Jeremy is well versed and certified in both Anusara/Vinyasa and Budokon Yoga and continually seeks to achieve a balance through constant practice, education, and a state of compassion and gratitude. At the age of 6 he began his journey of martial arts through Karate, Kung Fu, TaI Chi, Capoeira, and especially boxing. In 2010, Jeremy won the Golden Gloves State Championships at 165 lbs. and has continued to pursue overall mental and physical fitness throughout his entire life. Currently, he trains daily in the arts of Vinyasa/Anusara yoga, Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and Jui Jitsu. 


Dede Ramos

Dede is a Certified Pilates Instructor and Florida Licensed & Nationally Board Certified Massage Therapist. Her path to the healing arts began while training for a career in Modern Dance Performance at the University of South Florida. Involved in a dancer specific Pilates program, she found her passion for Pilates, Kinesiology and Massage Therapy. She received her Pilates training through Stott Pilates and has completed all level 1 coursework to include all levels of Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair & Barrel. She has been teaching and practicing Pilates for over 12 years. Dede is experienced in teaching Pilates in a private or group setting as well as using Pilates for post rehab purposes. More recently, she has begun to develop a program for our senior generation called Ageless Pilates as well as a Youth Pilates program for children. Dede is also a graduate of advanced studies in massage therapy from the Florida College of Natural Health. She specializes in Neuromuscular Therapy, Soft Tissue Manipulation, Postural Integration & Sports Massage. Being a former professional dancer, Dede brings all of her knowledge and experience in movement, kinesiology, therapy and fitness to create a unique, productive and effective bodywork session.


Joy Risso

I discovered and fell in love with Aerial Yoga instantly at Elevate Yoga Center. I was amazed at how much more deeply I could stretch with the help of gravity and the hammock; and an inversion without neck pain was a dream come true! At first aerial yoga was simply a fun way to exercise but over time I noticed a mental and emotional shift. I felt a much deeper connection with myself and noticed an indescribable bliss after leaving every class. Aerial yoga for me is quite simply - magic. It has transformed me in ways I never thought possible and I knew I wanted to share this experience with others. Yoga is my constant teacher, helping me to move past fear, build confidence and try new things. I received my Elevate 65-hour certification for Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in 2016